How to Make Your Own Shower Caddy

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  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 15
What You'll Need
Metal bucket
Vinyl border or metal primer and spray paint
Clear protective topcoat
Tape measure
Permanent marker

A shower caddy is indispensable for anyone heading off to college. It also comes in handy for children in large families who want to keep their individual bath products to themselves. Women are also fans of shower caddies because they allow them to keep all of their bathroom essentials in one place. Shower caddies are readily available in home décor stores, discount stores, and drug stores; however, making a personalized shower caddy is easy and fun. You also get to create a caddy that perfectly fits your needs.

Step 1 - Cover Your Metal Bucket

Once you have picked your bucket, you need to decide how to cover it. You can cover the bucket with a vinyl border or a spray paint of your choice. Because the design is up to you, this project can be personalized just for you or as a gift for your children. Vinyl borders and spray paint are readily available in color choices that would be perfect for boys or girls.

If you are going to cover the bucket in a vinyl border, you first have to make sure that the border has an adhesive backing. Wrap the border around the bucket and mark the length and width of the bucket on the backside of the border. Cut the vinyl border to size and apply to the bucket. Make sure to cut openings in the vinyl border for the bucket’s handles.

If you choose to paint your bucket, you first have to apply a metal primer to the bucket. A spray application will work best. Once the metal primer has dried, you can apply the spray paint according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 2 - Punch Drain Holes

Now that the bucket is covered with a vinyl border or paint, punch drain holes into the bottom with the hammer and nail, or use a drill for a cleaner finish.

Step 3 - Add a Personal Touch

There are a number of ways that your shower caddy can be personalized. If you chose to cover the bucket with a vinyl border, you can use a vinyl border cutout in a contrasting color or print to use as a frame for your name. Your children would be delighted by you cutting a shape, such as a heart or a football, and writing their name in a bright permanent marker. Stencils work great for this part of the project. If you went with the spray paint option, write your name in a cool font with stencils or freehand using permanent markers. Metallic markers can be found at an art store and add a nice touch.

Step 4 - Spray With Sealer

The last step is to spray a clear coat sealer on the shower caddy. Make sure to get an even coverage over the entire bucket and let it dry completely before use.

Now you can use your caddy yourself or give it as a gift to friends or children.