How to Make Your Own Solar Pool Cover

Lead Image
  • 4-8 hours
  • Beginner
  • 100-300
What You'll Need
Black tarp
Waterproof strings
PVC cutter
Pipe glue
10-Foot PVC pipes

A solar pool cover is an energy-efficient and low-cost way to heat your pool. A solar pool cover works by utilizing solar rays and the heat from the sun to naturally warm your swimming pool. As well, solar covers keep your pool cleaner by blocking dirt and debris from entering your pool and prevent water evaporation as well. You can make a solar pool cover yourself by following these few easy to follow steps.

Step 1 – Measure Your Pool

The first step is to take measurements of your pool. Measure the length of the pool and add 6 inches to the measurement for the PVC. Next, measure the width of the pool for the size of the tarp.

Step 1 – Cut PVC

Your next step is to cut your PVC pipe as necessary so that when the PVC pipes are connected, you will have one run of PVC the same length as your measured distance. You will need two runs of the PVC pipe, one for each side of the pool. The additional 6 inches will allow the PVC pipe to rest on the outside of the pool, keeping the pool cover from sinking into the pool.

Step 2 – Connect PVC Pipe

Next, you need to connect the different pieces of the PVC pipe to create one long continuous pipe for each side of the pool. Dry fit the PVC pipe together and lay the pipe over the pool to validate your length. Be sure to test both pieces of pipe.

Step 3 – Connect PVC

Now that you know your measurements are correct and your PVC is cut to the correct lengths, you can seal the connections of the PVC. Pull apart the PVC at each connection and then apply the pipe glue to both sides of the PVC and reconnect the pipe. Allow the pipe time to set so the glue can properly dry and secure the PVC fittings.

Step 4 – Connect Tarp

Next, you need to connect the tarp to the PVC. If you tarp does not have grommet holes in each end, you can use scissors to create a hole in the tarp in 1-foot intervals. Lay one end of the tarp over one run of the PVC pipe and secure it to the PVC using the waterproof string. Tie the string through each hole and around the PVC pipe until the tarp is tightly secured to the PVC. Next, you want to repeat the same steps for the opposite end of the tarp. You may need to cut some of the tarps, depending on the size of your pool. Make sure the tarp matches the width measurement of the pool.

Step 5 – Put on Cover

Now you can apply the cover to your pool. Simply place one of the PVC runs on each side of the pool. When you want to swim, you can roll the cover-up between the two PVC runs and the store.