How to Make Your Own Window Cleaner

What You'll Need
Spray bottle
Lint-free cleaning cloth
Rubbing alcohol
Measuring cup

When it comes to window cleaner, you will find that they can be extremely expensive and not always do that great of a job. However, being able to make your own window cleaner is something that a lot of people are doing these days. You will find that it is typically safer and a lot cheaper than going out and purchasing window cleaner that has a lot of extra toxins and ingredients that are not needed to get your windows clean and clear. You have nothing to lose by attempting to make your own window cleaner.

Step 1 - Measure

Measure out all of the necessary ingredients for your homemade window cleaner. You will need to get a 1/2 cup for each of the ingredients, make sure that each of the ingredients is exactly a 1/2 cup. Adding more of one thing as opposed to another is not going to make the cleaner anymore potent or make it work any better.

Step 2 – Mix

Get your spray bottle and mix the ingredients together. Before you mix in the ingredients, test out the sprayer of the bottle by filling it with water and spraying. When you are pouring in the ingredients, it does not matter which goes in first. Just make sure that you pour these ingredients into a separate container before you pour it into the spray bottle that you plan on using. 

Step 3 – Pour into Bottle

Once you have all of the ingredients poured into the container, you are ready to pour them into the spray bottle that you plan on using. Make sure that you pour it in carefully and try not to spill any of it. It is usually a good idea to pour it over the sink so that if you do spill, you will not have to worry about clean up as much.

Step 4 – Test Mixture

You will need to try out this mixture on a small window before you begin work on the bigger windows. If it looks like it is doing the trick, then you can move on and clean all of the windows in your home with your homemade cleaner. This specific type of cleaner can not only be used on windows, but on linoleum floors, stainless steel and even tile.

Step 5 – Ideal Cloths

Whenever you are using something to wipe your windows clean, you will find that some may work better than others. For instance, if you are cleaning windshields, newspaper can do more harm than good to the surface. Newspaper is known to scratch the window as it cleans it. However, a coffee filter is something that is often used because of how soft it already is. Also look for a squeegee to be able to get the job done thoroughly and quickly. Of course, a lint-free cloth is always the most preferred method.