How to Make A Safety Ladder for you Home

What You'll Need
2x4-inch lumber (Twice the height of a planned ladder; sufficient to make the rungs vertically every 16-inches)
Concrete Screws
Power drill
Drill bits

Each home should have safety equipment, including a window well ladder. You can build these ladders to attach permanently, or they can simply be a chain rope chain ladder. Ladders are especially important in homes with multiple stories. To build your own window well ladder, you will need the tools below.

Step 1 - Permanent Ladder Mounts

Take 2 2x4-inch boards, place them 18-inches apart, and screw them vertically on the building site. They should extend from the top story window to reach 3-feet from the ground.

Step 2 - Screwing the Rungs

The ladder rungs, which are made of 2x4-inch boards need to be screwed horizontally on the verticals. Place them every 16-inches from the top to the verticals’ bottom.

Step 3 - Testing the Ladder

Climb the ladder a few times to test it. If it does not feel comfortable, the rungs can be adjusted accordingly.