How to Make Your Own Workbench Pegboard

What You'll Need
Pressed wood sheet, 1/8-inch thick
1/8-inch drill bit
Tape measure
Permanent marker
1/4-inch metal drill bit
Metal corner covers
Socket wrench

If you already have a workbench in your garage or work area but are disorganized, you can really clean up with a workbench pegboard. You could purchase one from a local home repair store, but you can save yourself money by creating your own workbench pegboard. It is an easy job to do with simple tools and can be completed in just one day. Here's how to make your own workbench pegboard, as well as how to easily install it to your existing workbench.

Step 1 - Measuring for the Workbench Pegboard

Your existing workbench is the most important thing right now, as it is going to be the template for the size of your workbench pegboard. The most important measurement you can take is the width of the workbench. Measure the height of the workbench as well. Determine how tall you want the workbench pegboard to be and add that length to the height of the workbench. The metal corner cover will be that height.

Step 2 - Cutting and Drilling

The wood that is used for the workbench pegboard is hard to cut, because the wood is pressed and thin. Measure the pressed wood to the length of the workbench and to the height you determined. When cutting the pressed wood, use a swift and fluid motion with the saw to avoid splintering and breaking. Cut the metal corner covers to the height you need. Place a mark on each of the two metal corner covers where the height of the workbench ends. Place three dots on the metal corner covers above and below this line at equal distances. Use the 1/4-inch metal drill bit and drill holes through the metal corner covers at those marks. Put the metal corner covers on the back of the workbench. Use the marker and place a dot through the three holes on each leg and then drill them through the workbench. Measure a 1-inch perimeter around the cut pressed wood. From the perimeter make a mark every 1/2-inch until the entire board is covered. Drill out each hole with a 1/8-inch drill bit. Place the metal corner covers down on the ground and place the workbench pegboard on top of it so that it's resting over the holes. Line the workbench pegboard up with the line. Make a mark at each of the three holes you drilled in the metal. Drill these holes out with the 1/4-inch bit through the pegboard.

Step 3 - Installing the Workbench Pegboard

Place one of the metal corner covers on the back of the workbench. Use three bolts to attach it to the workbench. Attach the second metal corner cover. Tighten them with the socket wrench. Place the workbench pegboard on top of the workbench. Place it flush against the metal corner covers and attach one bolt to each side. Attach the two remaining bolts and tighten.