How to Make Your Tomato Plant Bigger

What You'll Need
PVC pipe 3" to 4" in diameter, 3' long (1 pipe for each tomato plant)
1/4 " bit
Post hole digger
Potting Soil
Chicken manure
Tomato cages
Plant food

Almost without exception, home chefs and anyone who enjoys freshly prepared homemade food will agree that the tomato is one of the most versatile, colorful, and tasty of all home grown vegetables. It is for this reason, among others, that there are so many gardeners who grow tomato plants. These vegetable gardeners are constantly looking for ways to make tomato plants healthier, faster growing, and produce a more abundant crop of large, tasty tomatoes. If you grow tomatoes and would like larger tomato plants, just follow these 5 simple steps.

Step 1 – Drill Holes in Your PVC Pipe

At one end of your PVC pipe, use your drill and bit to bore holes in a row around the pipe. Holes should be 1" apart. Then drill 10 more rows of holes, each row 1" above the row beneath it.

Step 2 – Dig Tomato Plant Holes

Use your post hole digger and dig a hole for each tomato plant. Each hole should be about 12" in diameter and 12" to 18" deep and should be spaced 18" to 24" from the nearest tomato plant. Mix the dirt you removed from holes you've dug. Mix this dirt, if it is soft and rich, with potting soil and chicken manure and set this soil mixture aside.

Step 3 – Plant the Tomato Plants

Place your tomato plants into the holes you've dug, then fill each hole with the soil-manure mixture so that it surrounds the tomato plant and holds it upright. Push the loose soil down so it is compacted enough around the tomato plant that it sill supports the plant.

Step 4 – Dig PVC Pipe Holes

At the side of each tomato plant and its compacted soil, dig a hole for the PVC pipes as close as you can get to the tomato plant (without digging into the tomato plant hole). The bottom of each pipe should be at the same depth as the bottom of tomato holes. 

Into the pipe hole, set the end of the pipe that has drilled holes. Fill all around the pipe with the soil-manure mixture you have made, keeping the pipe vertical as you fill. When buried, the pipe should protrude above ground level about 2'.

Step 5 - Water the Tomato Plants

With the tomato plant and PVC pipe firmly in place, fill each pipe with water. The water will enter the ground through the pipe holes and will slowly moisten the soil near the tomato plant roots.

Step 6 – Place Tomato Cages

When your plants have begun growing, it will be time to place cages around them to give them support and protection. Continue watering the plants as they grow, occasionally adding plant food to the water before pouring it into the pipe.