How to Match Exterior Wood Stain

What You'll Need
Paint brush
Premixed exterior wood stain
Red, orange and brown exterior wood stain
Drop cloth
Paint stirrers

Exterior wood stain is a great way to create an appealing look on your wood deck or other outdoor furniture. Exterior wood stain is safe for outdoor use as it has within it weather protection as well as UV protection. Over time you may have to stain your outdoor deck or furniture again or you may add another piece. Whatever the reason, you will need to match the exterior wood stain so it will match with the other pieces. Matching exterior wood stain is not an easy or uncomplicated process but this article will show you how.

Step 1 - Laying Down the Base Coat

When shopping for exterior wood stain always bring a stained sample with to the store. Try to match the finished stain to one that is already mixed and out on the shelf. Once you find one that is close to the stain you previously used you can purchase it. You can lay down a drop cloth if you like in order to protect the grass or patio you will be working on and place the item on top (if you can). This is, of course, not possible if you are staining a deck. Mix the stain and pop the lid on the can. Use the paint brush and begin painting the object with the stain.

Step 2 - Blending

This is the part that is tedious but you have to work quickly. The unique thing about exterior wood stain is that they can be applied wet on wet. This means that you can immediately put a layer of stain on top of a fresh layer. This is an important attribute to blending exterior wood stain. Have the stain you are trying to match close at hand. Compare the new stain with the old one. If the new stain does not look like there is enough red, orange or brown then use a rag and wipe that particular stain over the base exterior wood stain you put down in Step 1. Continue in this manner until you match the right tone with the other piece. If the exterior wood stain you are using cannot be applied wet one wet then you will have to wait at least a day for each tone to dry before wiping on another color.

Step 3 - Too Dark or Too Light

Different species of wood also accept stain differently. Some wood will make the stain appear either too light or too dark. This can even happen on the same piece of wood due to imperfects or discoloring in the wood itself. You can lighten stain by using a scrubbing pad that is wet with mineral spirits and scrub the wood then wipe off with a rag. If the finish is too light; apply stain with a brush instead of a rag. If still too light then wait for it to completely dry then apply the stain again with a brush.