How to Match Home Lighting with Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing fixtures in a home can affect the entire design of a room or an assembly of rooms. Choosing the correct plumbing fixtures is just of an important aspect as choosing the proper lighting. Both lighting and plumbing fixtures, when chosen correctly, can compliment one another and can bring entire sets of rooms together to show a cohesive home decor design.

Choosing a Similar Finish

Plumbing fixtures and lighting all come in different types of metal finishes. You can choose something that is shiny or something that is dull. You can choose a finish that is brushed metal or a finish that is gold plated. Make sure you coordinate the type of finish between your plumbing fixtures and your lighting designs. It is important that you find complimentary or similar finishes for both components of your home decor.

Choosing a Similar Metal

When looking to purchase fixtures and lighting, choose something that has a similiar metal. If you are going for a chrome lighting look, pick up a chrome plumbing fixture package. If you are looking for something that has a copper touch, then make sure you pair both the plumbing fixtures and the lighting as chrome colors. There are so many different types of metals you can choose from, you should narrow them down before you go shopping.

Check Your Sizes

As important as metal type and finish are to the choices of complimentary plumbing fixtures and lighting, so is the size of the fixtures and lighting. Do not purchase overly heavy or large lighting fixtures with small, frail and tiny plumbing fixtures. Make sure the scale is appropriate for the room and for the scale between both the plumbing fixtures and the lighting fixtures.

Choose the Right Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect of any room. It allows the room to shine brightly and will help to reflect the light. If you have tall ceilings, choose larger lights that will pull down the height of the ceiling. If you have short ceilings, choose smaller lights that will help to illuminate the small room. Above all, make sure the lighting compliments the plumbing fixtures.

Purchase a Whole House Package

Some manufacturers offer you the option to purchase a whole house fixture package. These packages usually include plumbing fixtures and matching lighting fixtures. The only problem with purchasing a full package is limitation on options. These packages are usually only offered in a few select metals and finishes.