How to Measure Dimensions for a Garage Door Opening

What You'll Need
Step ladder
Measuring tape

If you’re hard at work building a new garage, it’s of the essence that you measure the area where the garage door opening will go with the utmost precision, so that the garage door will fit without any problems. Ready the quick and easy steps below to find out how.

Step 1 – Check your Blueprints

In the blueprints for your garage, you (or your architect) will have indicated where the garage door opening will go and its dimensions. As you’re building the walls and it’s time to make space for the garage door opening, double check the blueprints as to how far from the edges of the wall the opening will start.

Step 2 – Mark your Measurements

Now that you have double checked your blueprints, get out your tape measure and measure from the edge of the wall to where the opening will start. Make a mark with your pencil, and then make a mark at the center line. Then, measure from the ground up what the top height of your garage door will be. You may need to climb on your step ladder for this. Make a mark here as well.

Step 3 – Triple Check

Triple check all of your measurements (both on your blueprints and the ones you’ve marked out on the wall) to make sure there aren’t any errors. If you were mistaken, it will be extremely difficult to fix later on.