How to Measure for a Replacement Double Hung Window

What You'll Need
Tape Measure

If you need to purchase a replacement double hung window, you will first need to know what size you need. In order to determine this, you will have to measure for the replacement window. Here are the basics of how to measure for a replacement double hung window.

Step 1--Remove the Window Frame

In order to properly measure for a replacement window, you need to be very exact. There is not any room for error when ordering a new window. This means that you should consider removing the window frame before measuring. This will allow you to get a more exact measurement on the window. Use a hammer to pry the window frame off.

Step 2--Measure the Window

Once the window frame is off, take your tape measure and measure the dimensions of the window. Be sure to be as exact as possible when getting the dimensions.

Step 3--Document the Dimensions

After you have measured the window, you need to document the dimensions on a notebook. It might be helpful to draw a diagram of the window and put the dimensions of the window onto the diagram. You can then take this diagram with you when you shop for the window and you will make certain that you order the right size.