How to Measure for an RV Awning

You will need a simple tape measure to determine how much space you have for a recreational vehicle or RV awning. Read on to learn how to decide where to place your awning and how to accurately measure for installation.

Determining Where to Place the Awning

You begin the process of measuring your RV for an awning by deciding where to place the awning. If your RV comes equipped with stakes that pull away from the vehicle that accommodate the awning, this will make your job easier in the sense that you can take the measurements from the RV to the ends of the stake poles.

Taking Measurements for an RV without Awning Stakes

If your RV does not come equipped with stakes for the awning, you will need to determine the distance from the vehicle that you want the awning to come out to and work your way backwards. You will also need to determine the height of the awning in relationship to the RV and take precise measurements before ordering the awning.