How to Measure for Pre Hung Doors

What You'll Need
Nail set
Pry bar
Package of shims
Tape measure

Prehung doors are easy to install. Previously, a carpenter would have to come to your house, take measurements and go back to his workshop to make the door. He would then come back to your house a few days later to fix the door. All this would take time and cost money since you would have to pay for both the raw material of making the door and the labor charge of installing it.

With the introduction of the prehung door, you only need to master a few guidelines and your door will be up and smart in your doorway. Prehung doors come with the jambs already attached. They are perfectly fitted with no requirement for adjustments. A prehung door can be either an interior door or an exterior door.

Step 1 - Remove Molding

To take proper measurements for the doorway, it is necessary to remove the molding on the two sides of the doorway. Failure to do this will result in having a prehung door that is too big for the doorway.

Step 2 - Prepare the Rough Opening

Prehung doors have to conform to the measurements of the rough opening. Before you order for a prehung door, you should have determined the measurements of the rough opening. To ascertain these measurements, remove all the trimmings. Use a pry bar to remove jambs from the doorway beginning from the bottom part of the door. Use the pry bar to remove all jambs stuck behind the flooring.

Step 3 - Affix the Spacers

After removing all the molding on the doorway, use the hammer to nail hardware.