How to Measure for the Correct Storm Window Replacement

  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 5-10
What You'll Need
Measuring tape

Measuring for a storm window replacement can be a frustrating task. If you find yourself with this project, here is a quick guide to help you through the measuring process.

Step 1 - Measure Width

Begin by measuring the width of the window inside of the frame. You will want to measure across from jamb to jamb on the very top, then in the middle again from jamb to jamb and then on the bottom as well.

Step 2 - Measure Height

Measure the inside of the frame for the height of the replacement storm window. This will be from the bottom sill, all of the way up to the top jamb. It is important to measure on both sides up and down and in the center so that you know that the measurements all around are even. Many times, especially with older windows, the measurements will be off.

Step 3 - Measure Diagonally

Finally, measure diagonally to decide if the window is a square or not. These measurements will allow you to determine the shape of the replacement window.

Be sure that you are marking down all of the measurements as you go so that you can purchase the replacement later on.