How to Measure Mesh

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Sticky tape

If you want to use mesh for making a fence, or for laying out a pathway through bird cages, then you need to know how to measure it accurately. Most mesh is sold using a particular unit of measurement, and this can affect how much you need, and how it works as a fence or for keeping birds in their cage. You could ask for professional advice when you are measuring the mesh, but most people prefer to calculate it by themselves so that they can work out future mesh lengths. You can calculate the mesh using some basic tools and by following some simply advice.

Step 1 - Examining Your Mesh

Mesh is calculated by the unit of measurement known as Mesh count. In order to measure the mesh correctly you will need to know how to convert this amount into a number which can be used by people selling you mesh for fences and other buildings. If you are able to obtain a piece of mesh of the type that you want, then you will be able to calculate whether this will be a suitable thickness for your fence area.

Step 2 - Beginning the Measurement

Measure the mesh by placing the tape measure up against the side of the mesh. Use a piece of sticky tape to hold the beginning of the measure in place, and then extend this for the length that you need. Take the measurement, and make a note of this on the paper you have with you.

Step 3 - Working Out the Mesh Count

You now need to know the mesh count of the item. Take your tape measure again and measure along for one inch. Count the number of complete openings along that inch, from one whole wire to another whole wire one inch away. The number of squares in this inch is the mesh count of the piece that you wish to purchase. You can also calculate the opening between the mesh which is the space in inches between two parallel wires, or from one wire to the next.

Step 4 - Calculating Mesh

Take the details that you have and calculate the length of mesh that you need using the mesh count as your reference. You may need to work out the total amount of square wire in the distance that you have measured using your calculator, but you should also know about fine mesh and that which is more open as this can make a significant difference.

Step 5 - Other Features of Mesh

As well as the Mesh count and the square opening, you should also be aware of the wire diameter in your mesh cloth, which is the thickness in inches of the individual wire. This is another measurement which will help you when purchasing the mesh, as you can establish the wire thickness of the piece.