How to Mend a Barbed Wire Fence Correctly

What You'll Need
Fence posts
Post hole digger
Fence stretcher
Wire staples
Wire cutter

If you have livestock, you will know how important is to have your barbed wire fence in good condition. If it’s broken, your stock can stray and intruders can get onto your property easily. It’s not too difficult to repair a barbed wire fence. You just need the patience to inspect the barbed wire fence regularly and have a few simple tools available to do the job.

Step 1 - Broken Post

If the problem with your barbed wire fence is down to a broken fence post, you’ll usually need to replace it. Take out the old post and use your post hole digger to take out fresh earth to a depth of about 2 feet. Insert the new post and shovel earth into the hole, tamping it down regularly. The new post should be tight in the earth when you’ve finished and should not move even when you lean your weight against it.

Remove the staples from the old post using the claw end of your hammer. Attach the barbed wire to the new post with fresh wire staples. Always wear gloves when working with barbed wire in order to protect your hands.

Step 2 - Fixing Broken Wire

Strands of barbed wire will sometimes snap. If this happens on your barbed wire fence, you’ll need to use a fence stretcher in order to stretch those strands so they meet up again and overlap.

When you’ve done this, pull apart the strands of wire from the barbed wire fence and go back on each side to the barb. Put the strands of wire together so that the barbs rest side by side. Even with gloves on, you should be very careful handling the barbs.

Now, take one of the wires on the left and twist it counter clockwise over all the wires on the right hand side. Take the other wire on the left and wind it around the first wire but work in a clockwise direction this time. You should wrap each wire around 3 times for a firm join. Test it for strength with your hand before moving on.

Step 3 - Missing Wire

It’s possible to have a section of barbed wire fence stolen. To replace it, you need a length of new barbed wire fence that’s just as long as the missing piece. If possible, attach it with staples to a post that’s firm in the ground in the middle of the missing section.

Use your wire stretcher on one end of the gap so the ends of the wires overlap each other. Attach as you would for fixing a broken wire then repeat the procedure at the other end of the gap in the barbed wire fence. This will make sure the barbed wire fence remains taut.

It’s important to inspect every barbed wire fence regularly to take care of any problems before they become excessively bad.