How to Minimize Dust in the House

Woman dusting a surface
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Whether you have allergies, asthma, or just prefer a clean environment, you should make an effort to minimize the dust in your home. Even if only for friends and other guests, keeping a dust-free home will minimize breathing trouble, allergies, and a generally unkempt look.

Central Filter is Key

Many people choose to save a little money and go with a cheap, throw-away air-filter. These filters, however, do not do a proper job of protecting you and your family from harmful airborne particles. Instead, choose a newer, more modern filter. This will not only protect you by catching and holding onto much more of the dust, but they will also last much longer than other, cheaper filters.

Clean Consistently

using a duster to knock down cobwebs

One of the most common ways to build dust in your home or office is to avoid cleaning in general. Even a light dusting once or twice a week is vastly better than just letting it accumulate. If you have the time, be sure to clean and wipe down your furniture, countertops, electronics, and other stationary items. Don’t forget to check hard-to-reach places like cabinets, ceiling fans, and light fixtures. Utilizing newer dusters will help you to accumulate the dust on the duster instead of just brushing it into the air.

Keep it Outside!

One of the most dangerous types of house dust commonly found in homes is the dust that gets in from outdoors through air leaks. To get into the house, a lot of air must pass through areas that can be dangerously full of contaminated pollutants. Because you could also be losing significant amounts of money on cooling and heating your home, it would be wise to have an infiltrometer door test done to your home to find any leaks.


woman holding a vacuum attachment into the air

Although you might group this with cleaning, consistently vacuuming is important all on its own. Because the floors are where most dust settles, it is constantly being moved around and kicked into the air and into your lungs. Using your vacuum on a weekly basis is necessary if you are trying to lower the amount of dust particles in your home or office.

No matter what kind of vacuum you are using, be sure to cover all areas whether they are carpeted or not. Dust can collect anywhere! Also, it is wise to utilize the attachments that come with your vacuum. Using them, you can actually reduce dust in hard-to-reach areas of your home such as on top of tall cabinets and appliances, fabrics like curtains, and even the ceiling fan.

Change Your Sheets

putting bed sheets into a washing machine

The bed is one of the most common places for dust to collect, in part because of the shedding of human skin cells throughout the night. You must keep in mind that even though you don't see it, it can still be there. To lower your dust count, change your sheets and pillowcases on a weekly basis. Brush and dust off blankets, cleaning them occasionally as well.