How to Mix Bondo

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Bondo is a strong repair putty that's used for automotive, marine and household uses. It functions by combining the putty with a catalyst, the resulting chemical reaction causing it to harden, and harden very quickly. It must be mixed properly so it doesn’t get too hard before you can apply it.

Proportions of Bondo and Catalyst

It’s important when mixing Bondo to make sure the fraction of catalyst used from the tube matches the fraction of Bondo from the can. You can use a small bit of Bondo and mix it with a small amount of catalyst before you start your project to determine if you’re using the right proportion of each.

Safety Precautions

A catalyst hardens the Bondo by initiating a chemical reaction. You should always wear protective eyewear and a mask, as well as thick gloves to make sure you don’t get injured by any chemicals or fumes.

Mixing Bondo

People choose to mix Bondo on a number of surfaces, for example, glass, wood, plastic, and metal. The surface should be a piece of scrap material. You should mix the Bondo for a very short amount of time because if you stir it too long it will begin to harden. Apply it right away for the best results.