How to Modify a Portable Carport

Portable carports are a great way to add the benefits of a garage to your property without the time and cost of actually building a full garage. At its most basic level, a carport is a framing structure on four posts with a roof. However, modern carports can be added to and accessorized at great length.


Adding siding to your carport is probably the most basic and common addition to any carport. How you do this will depend on the look you want to maintain, how sturdy or durable you want the sides to be, as well as the type of carport that you have. The cheapest option is to use some sort of heavy duty nylon or canvas cover. This will protect against the worst of the elements such as wind, rain, or snow, but isn’t as long lasting as other options and won’t do as much to protect against more extreme cold as you’d like. You may also purchase metal siding to match the roofing structure of your steel or aluminum carport, or if you have a wooden carport, simple plywood treated and screwed to your posts will do the trick.

Sand, Stakes, and Other Weights

Another common modification is to add some sort of extra weight at the base of your posts to make your carport more stable against the elements. Sand bags are an easy fix, as are additional stakes. Also, some manufacturer’s will offer weights in the form of anchor kits specifically for their carport models that attach to the base of the posts. Screen kits can also be purchased for fabric carports that protect against the sun, rain, and stains, adding more durable to your car carport.


For fabric carports, a common feature that can be added is a removable spacer in the top. Basically, the spacer will push up and raise the fabric roof of your carport, making it easier to fit in larger vehicles such as SUVs, trucks, or even your motor boat on its trailer.


Another common addition to carports is lights. For the absolute simplest of lighting needs, you can buy a clamping shop light or two and clamp it right to a piece of the carport framing (be sure your vehicle won’t knock hit it when you pull in). Or, you can install full lighting fixtures. For power, simply running  a cord under the edge of your carport siding (if you have any) and to an outdoor power outlet might work temporarily, but think about a more permanent solution such as burying cable made specifically for outdoor use, perhaps even connecting that cable to a transformer installed on the side of your home.

Wood Carports

Wooden carports, while often costing more to purchase as a pre-designed kit, offer a much wider range of options for customizing. With basic carpentry skills and common woodworking tools, it is a simple matter to add hooks on your posts, or build shelving units in the sides or back. You can even construct some sort of work area to be used for other woodworking projects, if you don’t have a decent place to work in your own home.

When in doubt, if you are looking for more flexibility in your carport and are at a loss for where to look or what to do, check out what options may be offered by your carport’s manufacturer.