How to Modify Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Exhausts

What You'll Need
Motorcycle exhaust
A cooling system
Plated heat shields
Cooling clamps

A motorcycle exhaust is the primary component of performance modification. Having a stock motorcycle exhaust will downplay your performance because it restricts the exhaust flow that attempts to exit your engine. The best way to improve your exhaust flow coming from your engine is to modify it. Motorcycle exhausts improve your overall performance. Since motorcycles break down more easily that cars, it is a good idea to become familiar with motorcycle exhausts.

Step 1 - Maintaining Heat

Always maintain the temperature in your motorcycle exhaust. You don't want the exhaust to overheat. You can prepare your bike upfront. You can do this by installing chrome-plated heat shields that will aide in the protection of overheating. These heat shields will low down the damaging effects of the heat, as well as reduce bluing. Also, by maintaining heat, you are providing your motorcycle to work in optimal performance.

Step 2 - Rotating the Pipes

To preserve the carbon fiber motorcycle exhaust rotate the pipes. Rotating the pipes works best when your motorcycle has twin pipes. Since gas doesn't distribute evenly, it is to your advantage to rotate the pipes. This will distribute heat evenly if it decides to stay in one portion of your bike. Check these regularly to ensure the best performance of your bike.

Step 3 - Installing Cooling Clamps

A motorcycle exhaust can be modified by installing cooling clamps. The cooling clamps will diminish the heat that is absorbed by the metal. Since both the exhaust pipes and cooling pipes can overheat, it is a good idea to install cooling clamps. Other parts that absorb heat include cylinder walls, pistons, and the cylinder head.

Step 4 - Use of a Liquid Cooling System

The purpose of a cooling system is to remove extra heat that comes from the engine, to keep the engine operating at its best temperature, and to make sure the engine is always up to the right temperature. No matter what conditions the engine is in, the liquid cooling system is designed to meet demands and keep the engine at a constant temperature. It is best to have a liquid or cooling system installed in your motorcycle engine. With a carbon fiber exhaust system, the materials will heat up in the bike less often than if it were covered by a metal cover.

Overtime, when metal is frequently overheated, a black color can begin to appear on pipes, as well as chrome finishes. This can cause parts to fall apart and can lead to the pouring of toxic gasses in the air. In addition, a carbon fiber exhaust system that is covered by a carbon fiber exhaust cover will last longer because this material hits up slower than metal. Always make sure that these parts work correctly in the cooling system: hoses, fan belt, radiator cap, water pump or head gasket. If these parts are not working properly, it is a sign that you may need a new cooling system.