How to Mount a Hanging Wall Cupboard

A modern kitchen condo apartment.
  • 2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 100
What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Old 2x4 or 1x6
Stud finder
Fastener/wood screws

After what seemed like an endless search, you’ve finally found the perfect wall cupboard, but now you’re faced with the task of mounting it. Instead of grabbing a phone and calling a contractor, you can follow these simple steps and tackle the project yourself.

Step 1 - Pick a Location

The first step in mounting any object is determining where on the wall you want to mount it. After you have selected the area, you need to center the cupboard in the empty wall space. This can be accomplished by measuring the open wall space and finding the center point. For example, if the wall is 12 feet long then the center point would be located at 6 feet. Transfer the mark to the desired height on the wall by making a heavy pencil mark. Then take the center point of the cupboard and make a small pencil mark on the bottom back part of the cupboard frame. When mounting the cupboard, align the mark on the back of the cupboard with the mark on the wall to ensure you have centered it correctly.

Step 2 - Mount a Cleat

To get started mounting the wall cupboard you’ll first have to mount a cleat that will help you with the installation. First determine your desired height for the cupboard and mark where the bottom of cupboard will end up. Extend a level line about a foot in each direction and then level the top of your cleat to this line. You can use scraps of an old 2x4 or 1x6 that you can screw to the wall to help support the cupboard during the installation.

Even though the cleat will help you during the installation, you will still need a second pair of hands to safely install the wall cupboard. When wall mounting an item as heavy as a cupboard, it's extremely important to locate the studs in the wall to properly secure the cupboard. You can use a stud finder to locate and mark the studs on the wall. It's imperative that you fasten the cupboard to the studs in the wall. Once you have located the studs, you and your helper can lift the wall cupboard in place aligning it with the marks you've already placed on the wall.

Step 3 - Fasten

When mounting the wall cupboard it's important to use the proper sized fastener to ensure a long lasting installation. Wood screws that are 3 inches in length are ideal fasteners for this type of project. Using a drill, insert the screws through the back of the cabinet into the studs while your partner holds the cabinet in place. Once you've gotten at least four screws installed, take a step back and congratulate yourself. You are finished.