How to Mount a Wall Garment Rack

What You'll Need
Screwdriver (flathead or Phillips head)
Power drill
Electronic stud finder

A wall garment rack provides a place to hang your shirts, coats and other clothing items to keep them orderly and within reach. This type of fixture can be as simple as a pole or rod mounted in your closet, or it can be a combination rod and shelf. A quickly installed wall garment rack consists of a rod from which to hang clothing. The rod is supported by 2 mounts placed at either end. 

Step 1: Designate a Space for Garment Rack

You will have to find a place for the garment rack along the wall. This may already be self evident, especially if you have planned to hang a garment rack for some time. Clear the area around where it will be mounted for easy installation. 

Step 2: Find the First Stud

There will be considerable weight with all of the clothes hung on the rack, so you should most definitely mount it in wall studs. Garment rack setup kits come with hardware for in-stud mounting. Turn on the electronic stud finder and, following its operation directions, run it slowly along the wall. When working properly, it should make a sound or flash a light when it goes over the edge of a stud. Once you locate one edge of a stud, run it the opposite direction to find the other edge. Mark where the stud is on the wall. 

Step 3: Decide the Length of the Rack

Most wall-mounted garment racks give you the choice of how wide apart to mount it. They come with a telescoping rod, so many extend to as much as 5 feet apart. Once you decide how wide you want the rack to be, find the second stud at the appropriate distance from the first. 

Step 4: Mark the Height of Rack

After the studs have been located, determine how high the rack should be mounted on the wall. 5 or 6 feet off the ground should suffice, but you may have a specific height in mind. 

Step 5: Drill Pilot Holes

With your power drill, make pilot holes through the drywall and into the studs. Each rack may be different, but make as many holes as there are mounting screws per side. Follow any specific directions from the manufacturer regarding the size and placement of the holes. 

Step 6: Mount the Brackets

Mount each bracket to the wall next. Follow any directions that come with the fixture, but in general you can expect to feed the wall-mounting screws through the bracket and set them into the stud. Tighten them with the screwdriver. 

Step 7: Hang the Rod

With the brackets in place, adjust the rod to the corresponding size and attach it to the bracket arms. You are now ready to use it to hang clothing. 

When you have run out of closet space, a wall mounted garment rack is a quick and easy way to increase hanging space in your room, laundry room or anywhere else it will fit.