How to Mount a Wood Turning Blank on a Wood Lathe

What You'll Need
Wood turning blank
Wood lathe

The wood turning blank is a piece of wood which can be molded into any shape. Wood blanks are often used for making into bowls, balls, or other objects where you begin with a large square of wood, and then gradually cut it down until you have the desired piece. The wood lathe is the ideal tool for properly using a wood turning blank. Mounting the blank correctly will help you to produce a good piece of woodwork.

Step 1  - Cut the Wood

Before you mount it, you will need to cut the wood turning blank down to size. Measure your wood lathe carefully, and don't try and mount something which is too large. Trim the blank down with a saw to get the correct shape.

Step 2 - Mounting the Wood

Take your piece, and position it at the center of the lathe. If you have a two-prong drive center, just push the wood into it, and make sure that the ring is fully tightened with the wrench. On the other hand, a spur drive will need to have some oil placed on the work piece to reduce the friction while turning. You should also use your wrench to tighten the drive from time to time as you are working with it.