How to Mount a Work Bench Vise

If you can use a third hand when working on your projects a work bench vise is a great investment. One that is mounted directly to your work bench can give you the leverage you need to bend pipe or hold onto something you wish to cut or heat up. Installing a work bench vise is not a difficult task, and you can do it yourself with a few tools and a little bit of time. If you keep the following tips in mind you will not regret your acquisition and installation of a work bench vise.

Types of Work Bench Vises Available

When considering a vise for your work bench you need to decide what kind of projects you will be working on. There are heavy duty vices that are perfect for metal bending and for other hard and heavy jobs. There are also smaller and more gentle vices that are used for more workmanship and fine woodwork projects. Each vise has its own set of requirements when installing on your work bench.

Workbench Types

There are wooden and metal work bench options available. Depending on your own work bench, you will have to think about which vice you have to purchase. Although the work bench frame may be made of metal, it is likely that your work bench top is still of a wooden material. If the top is a particle board construction it may not be strong enough to handle the use of an installed heavy duty vice that is bolted to the surface. An inch thick or more work bench tops are much better suited to the heavy duty vise, so if you do have a particle board work bench top, investing in a new hardwood top may be advisable. If you wish to do fine tuning work like intricate design, then a particle board work bench top will be fine.

Types of Vises

Vises come in many sizes and for many purposes. Some come with tooth grips to hold tight onto metals and hard woods when cutting or bending. They are made to withstand high heat and vibrations. If you are a machinist or build heavy wood projects then this kind of vise will suit you well. They come in styles that can be clamped to the edge of the work bench, or permanently attached using strong bolts and set on the work bench top.

Small vises can also either be clamped to the edge of a work bench or drilled and attached to the surface of the wooden work bench top. You can also attach this kind of vise to other parts of the work bench, depending on how you wish to use your vise. If the work bench is made completely of wood, an upright brace can be used to bolt the vise for hanging project items. 

Regardless of which vise you choose, think about if you are left or right handed, and who else will be using the vise.