How to Install A Doggy Door In A Storm Door

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Measuring for a doggy door storm door is a little like measuring for a regular storm door but smaller. Here are a few steps that can help you through the process with ease.

Measuring the Dog

If you already have a dog door and just need to replace the flag with a storm door then you can skip the first step. However if you are measuring for a complete door you will want to continue on. The first thing that you will have to do in order to measure or mount a dog storm door is to decide what size you will need for your dog. You will need to take a measuring tape and measure the height and width of you dog. When doing this and determining the final measurements you will want to consider the age of the dog as well as how much he will grow and how fast. If this is a puppy, you will want to talk to the vet about how much bigger the dog will get in the near future or you will have to be willing to replace the door when the door outgrows it. Many people opt for just going a little bit bigger now as dogs grow at a fast rate. Once you have the dogs measurements you can add a few inches to either size depending on how much they will grow and then record the measurements. Then you will need to take these to find out which size door is best for the dog.

Install The Door

If the frame is already up then you can take off the flaps using a screwdriver and then use a drill to install the hinges on each side of the door frame and then the hinges can screw onto the plexiglass. If the storm door is already made then you can remove the screws of the frame you have in place and then replace it with the complete new storm door. If you have a regular door and have not yet installed the dog door then you can measure the frame and cut with a saw to make a hole where it will go. Then you can either screw in and mount the premade dog door or you can screw in the frame. If the frame needs to be put in you can use a drill and then attach the hinges to both the glass and the frame.


Now that it is installed you can have the pet go through to make sure that it opens easily enough. If not, you may want to spray on WD-40 to ensure that they can get in and out on their own.

Now that you have installed it you may want to keep the flaps or invest in them and they can be switched out easily during the warmer months.