How to Mount Coins in a Coin Shadow Box

What You'll Need
Coin shadow box or display case
Large cotton towel
1 tablespoon distilled water
Small display pins or stapler

Coins should be handled with delicacy and stored in a proper way as to preserve their detail and quality. Coins can be displayed in a shadow box for display where they will remain free from dust, any debris, wear and tarnish while they are on exhibit. You can mount the coins in a shadow box by using the steps below. 

Step 1 – Clean Coins

Clean the coins by laying them on a towel and use a small artist brush to brush away any dirt or debris. If you have distilled water or olive oil you can use a cotton ball to gently rub away the debris.

Step 2 – Arrange Coins

Figure out how you want your coins displayed whether it is by their age, their origination place or by the coin type. Lay them out on the towel in the order you will display them. Once you have their order, place them in the shadow box where they will be.

Step 3 – Labeling Coins

Use tweezers to place the labels above or below each coin. Some boxes have a space just for the labels.

Step 4 – Set Coins

Put a tiny amount of dessicant under the display box or in a corner to help remove the moisture from the box before setting coins in their slots.