How to Mount Photos on a Foam Board

Given than photos are best when they have no pinholes in them, mounting them to foam core requires either glue or poster putty. The foam core backing is easily shaped and cut, and it is useful either as a standalone support or within a picture frame of the appropriate depth.

Determine Size of Foam Core Backing

Whether you are mounting a single photograph or making a collage of photos, cutting the right size foam core backing is the first step. Starting with an uncut piece of foam core, either trace around the photograph to make a backing of equal size or increase its dimensions to provide a border. You will make 3 passes with a razor knife to cut it.

  • Score the top layer of paper.
  • Cut through the foam core.
  • Score the bottom layer of paper.

Don’t go too fast or else you could tear the paper. A sharp razor knife is ideal.

Mounting Your Photos

For mounting your photographs, you will probably want to use either a quick, clear-drying glue stick or poster putty. Poster putty tears off into small pieces that will hold a photo to foam core, but it is easily removable. Glue, of course, is more permanent. It depends on what you want. Poster putty will last a long time, but heavier, thicker pictures may start to sag.

It is best to avoid the use of pins or thumbtacks when mounting photos onto foam core. By using glue or poster putty, you maintain the integrity of the photo while making either a permanent or temporary bond.