How to Mount Roman Shades on Basic Windows

Roman shades are among the simplest and most elegant of window covers. You can install them quickly and simply, too. Follow these directions to hang your roman shades so they enhance your windows easily and effectively.

Tools and Materials You Will Need:

  • Tape measure and pencil
  • Screwdriver
  • Power drill and drill bits
  • Carpenter's level
  • Installation brackets plus extras to support a wide shade
  • Thin wooden shims to level the headrail
  • Mounting screws suited to the type of surface:
    • Wood screws for a wood frame
    • Wall anchors for wallboard or vinyl/plastic frame
    • Metal screws for a metal frame
    • Screw support plugs and metal screws for stone or tile
  • Head rail wing nuts (2)
  • An assistant

Step 1: Determine If the Shade Goes Inside or Outside the Frame

The roman shade will have been made to fit either inside or outside the window frame. Measure to determine which size of shade you are hanging.

Step 2: For an Inside Window Mount

You will hang the headrail as though it is being attached to a ceiling. Press the top of the headrail snugly against the inside casement, and pull down the shade to ensure the headrail is high enough. Check that the shade slides smoothly past any obstacles. Place thin wooden shims at the top of the headrail to level it if needed. With the electric drill, your assistant can make 2 holes 1/16 inch in size upward through the headrail guide holes. Fasten the headrail to the window frame with 2-inch wood screws.

Step 3: Outside Window Mount (Top of Headrail)

Use a ceiling mount for a roman shade if it reaches from the room ceiling to the bottom of the window, and covers the window frame. Hold the headrail firmly against the ceiling and mark with a pencil the slots to fit the installation brackets, two L-shaped metal pieces. To determine where to place the installation brackets, hold each against the ceiling and pencil-mark the location for two screw holes, so that the brackets align correctly with the centers of the slots for the headrail. Drill these holes on a diagonal into the ceiling. Use suitable fasteners, wall anchors or bolts to attach the brackets depending on the material to which you are attaching the headrail.

Step 4: Outside Window Mount (Rear of Headrail)

Use this mount to place the headrail of the shade just above the window frame. Hold the headrail level against the wall above the window frame where desired, and mark the mounting slots on the wall with a pencil. Place each bracket against the wall and mark the position of the screw holes, so the bracket will be centered over the mounting slots already marked. The lower bar of the L fits against the wall, and the upper part is perpendicular to the wall. Drill the screw holes diagonally into the wall, and attach the installation brackets securely with the correct fasteners. Lift and push the headrail onto the installation brackets so the bracket posts rest in the headrail slots. Tighten the wing nuts on the headrail to secure them it to the brackets. Test the shade for correct operation.