How to Move a Hot Tub

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What You'll Need
An appliance dolly
Two, four-wheeled furniture dollies
Tow straps
4x4 lumber
Electric screwdriver
Friends or family to help

Moving a hot tub is a process that can be messy and even dangerous if you don't have the right tools or equipment. But even with the right tools, it's a process that should be handled carefully and with a lot of help.

Unplug and Drain the Spa

First, unplug the spa completely from electrical currents, gas lines, and all other connections and hookups. Wrap all of the cords up into the wooden enclosure so that there are no dangling cords that can get in the way and become a tripping hazard. Make sure that the motor is properly secured in its place as well. And, make sure that the hot tub is completely drained and dry, and the drain cap is securely tightened in its place.

Remove Hot Tub Cover and Cover Lift

Be sure to remove any cover and cover lift you might have secured to your tub. It is much easier, not to mention safer, to remove this now and reattach it later than to have it moving during transportation. Take an electric screwdriver and unscrew the pieces attaching the lift to the tub and set it off to the side to move separately. Gather these screws and find a safe place to put them until it comes time for you to reattach the cover later.

Turn the Tub

Now, turn your hot tub on its end and make sure that you have given yourself enough room to place people on each side. Everyone should lift the first corner, placing a piece of sturdy 4x4 lumber under the lifted corner. Do the same thing to the other side, making sure that everyone is capable of lifting the hot tub up at this point.

Put the Tub on Dollies and Secure Tow Straps

The two furniture dollies should be used to move the hot tub when traveling along flat surfaces. For moving a hot tub upstairs or downstairs, you are going to need to use an appliance dolly with load straps attached to it.

With the hot tub on its side, place one of the two dollies under the backside and place the other dolly under the front side. Most of the dollies you can rent will come with straps attached. If you do not have straps, make sure to rent some as they come quite in handy for this purpose. The straps should be secured so that the hot tub is not capable of falling during transportation.

Move Tub to New Location

Carefully wheel your tub to its new place. Once you are ready to move the hot tub back to the ground, remove the dollies one by one and lower the hot tub slowly. This needs to be done very carefully because the hot tub can crack or shatter if it is set down too hard. Make sure that the hot tub is brought back to the ground, grabbing the sides and the corners. Keeping a 4x4 piece of lumber under each of the corners will make it easier for you to rest the hot tub on its bottom without it sustaining damage. When the tub is safely down, remove the 4x4 slats of lumber by lifting each corner of the spa one at a time and having someone else slide the wood cribbing away. Finally, reattach the cover that you removed earlier, reattach the hoses and electrical leads, fill the tub with hot water and enjoy. Knowing that you did it yourself.