How to Move Koi Fish

Moving Koi Fish is a fairly delicate task because of the fish’s size and living requirements. However, it is a fairly simple process that merely requires patience and care in order to complete.

Before you move your Koi, it is essential that you have already fashioned a new environment for the fish to move into. It should be an environment that is perfectly formulated and ready for Koi to be transferred into it.

Making the Temporary Environment

Locate a plastic container that is large enough to hold each Koi during transport, the container must be at least four times the size of the fish; usually about 2 gallons or larger.

Next, fill the container with water from the pond that you’re moving your Koi out of, fill the container two inches from the top so there is room for the fish when you put it in. Next, use a large aquarium net to capture your Koi fish. Once captured, deposit the fish in the water-filled container that you have prepared.

The Koi can stay in this container for several hours, but it is best to transport and remove the Koi as soon as possible. Transport the Koi and its container to the fishes new home. Submerge the container in the new pond water and allow the fish to swim freely from the container into its new home.