How to Operate a Rivet Gun

What You'll Need
Rivet Gun
Working Gloves
Safety Glasses
Wooden Boards
Drill bits with the same size as the rivets

A rivet gun is a useful tool in fastening to metal objects together such as aluminum or steel. This hand-held power tool is used in various home improvement projects and even in automobile repair and aircraft maintenance. There are many types of rivets such as a pop rivet and pneumatic rivet. There are also rivet guns that are ideal for cornet riveting and riveting on tight places.

A rivet gun works by applying force to the rivet that will make the rivet head expand and break the weak spot of the rivet shaft holding two metal objects together.

The riveting process is not as simple as merely squeezing the rivet trigger. It requires the proper positioning of the two objects that you want to rivet together and proper rivet insertion. Below are the materials that you need and the instructions on how to properly operate a rivet gun.

Step 1-Wear Safety Gears

Before operating a rivet gun, wear a good pair of working gloves to protect your hands from injury due to mishaps. Also wear safety glasses to avoid injury from metal splinters during the riveting process.\

Step 2-Use a clamp

A clamp is necessary to firmly hold the objects that you want to rivet. Position the objects on top of each other where you want them riveted. Use wooden boards to elevate the two metal objects that you want riveted to allow for safe drilling and to allow proper insertion of the rivets.

Step 3-Drill

After you position the two objects properly, use a drill with a drill bit that is the same size as your rivets. Drill a hole right through the two objects.

Step 4-Insert the Rivet

Insert the rivet into the rivet gun. The proper way of inserting a rivet into the riveter is to insert the long shaft of the rivet first with its wide end facing the riveter. 

Step 5-Press the Trigger

With the rivet on its proper position, position the riveter on the pre-drilled hole and press the trigger. Exert a little body weight while riveting to assist the rivet gun. When you hear a popping sound this means that the rivet shaft has expanded and flared out and that it holds the two objects that you want riveted firmly. You may need to press the trigger more than once until you hear the popping sound.

Step 6-Repeat the Process

Once you are done with the first rivet it becomes easy. Continue drilling holes and rivet until you are done. Remove the clamp.

Rivet Gun Safety Measures

Like any power tool, safety is always an issue when using a rivet gun. Below are the safety precautions in using a rivet gun.

  • Never allow your rivet gun unattended. 
  • Do not treat your rivet gun like a toy. 
  • Never allow a child to operate or play with a rivet gun.
  • Always store your rivet gun out of children’s reach.
  • Never point a rivet gun to anyone including yourself.
  • Regular maintenance of your rivet gun is necessary for your safety.
  • Always read the product manual before using a freshly-bought rivet gun.