How to Organize Blind Kitchen Base Cabinets

What You'll Need
Kitchen cabinet magazines
Lazy Susan
Baskets or trays
Measuring tape

There are lovely ways to maximize that blind corner in your kitchen base cabinets. You can buy kitchen base cabinets that are especially designed for blind corners. If not, be resourceful in improvising. Plan ahead then implement.

Step 1 – Contents

Consider putting inside things that you don’t always use such as cleaning materials that you only bring out once a week. Starting with the innermost portion, organize progressively from least used to most used.

Step 2 – Consider Your Options

Pull-out baskets can be used to carry and move your objects around. Measure how far back that inside corner goes and up to where your hand can reach. Use pull-out baskets as long as or longer than that distance. You can also construct a shelf where you can put layers of pull-out baskets!

Trays with rollers will also do a great job. A Lazy Susan can be used to move objects into view. Building a shelf with a Lazy Susan on the different levels is also a possibility. You can also use a combination of Lazy Susans and pull-out baskets.

Step 3 – Sort the Objects to be Stored

Decide which technique fits your objects to be stored. Depending on how often you will use them and if they fit inside baskets better than on a Lazy Susan, organize them inside your blind corner kitchen base cabinets.