How to Organize RV Camping Trailers

What You'll Need
Adhesives or Velcro strips
Racks and organizers
Tool kit
Sticky back hooks
Carry straps

Although it’s a pleasant experience to drive around in RV camping trailers and enjoy the outdoors, you need to keep your trailer organized so that things don’t move or around or become airborne if you come to a sudden stop.

Step 1 - Selecting Items You Must Carry

In order to keep your camping trailer organized, only carry items that are really required. Since space is a constraint you don’t need to carry things that you may or may not use. You will also have to secure your luggage and other goods so that they don’t roll around. Therefore, carry portable goods that can be easily attached or detached.

Step 2 - Effective Use of Space

There are several things that you will have to carry along in order to have a pleasant camping trip. Water hoses, filters, sewage lines and pressure regulators are a few essentials. Since you don’t want the interiors of your trailer to be cluttered with unnecessary boxes and accessories, create a specific place to keep such items. It’s important to use space saving ideas to better organize your goods. Consider hanging hoses and belts against the compartment doors so that they’re easily accessible and not lying around the floor of the trailer.

Step 3 - Securing Items

There are plenty of accessories that you can buy to help you secure your goods in the trailer. Use nylon Velcro straps and broom closet clasps to attach tools and hoses to the doors of the trailer. Sticky back hooks are ideal for lightweight items that need to be held in place.

Step 4 - Organizing

Look for ways in which you can arrange books, magazines or any other papers you need to carry. It’s a good idea to purchase a magazine rack that can be easily installed on the wall of your RV. These racks not only keep your things organized, but they also give the interiors a more welcoming appeal.

Step 5 - Bathing

One important space that you have to carefully organize is the bathroom in your RV. Purchase soap holders that prevent soaps from melting or falling off the sink. Towel racks that can be hung over the door and grab handles that ensure your safety are other ideal accessories. Look for a lightweight stow away cabinet that can be attached and detached to the wall of your bathing area. You may use this cabinet to hold all your toiletries.

Step 6 - Safe

It’s a good idea to invest in a portable safe to keep all your important documents in a safe place. An electronic safe that’s made of steel is a more secure option. Look for safes that are specific for use in RVs as they come equipped with instructions for easy installations in trailers.

It’s important to follow these guidelines to organize your trailer as it will prevent you from wasting time searching for things and it also ensures your safety.