How to Organize Your Garage Pegboard

What You'll Need
Garage pegboard
Paint pen in a bright neon color
Your tools
Various size pegboard hooks

Use a garage pegboard to organize your tools and other supplies in this hectic space. This type of organization can jumpstart future projects as you think of your workshop as e a place of creation rather than chaos and frustration. Follow the steps below to set up a pegboard and arrange your tools so that you can find anything you need in an instant.

Step 1: Organize Your Tools

Track down all of your tools and place them into piles according to type. For example, put all the screwdrivers together and all the box wrenches into another pile. You may also want to purchase a socket organizer from the auto parts store or wherever you buy your tools. These carriers usually hold full sets and have a handle as well as a powerful magnet for those who like to keep the sockets on their tool box side. You can also get these organizers to hold other tools such as wrenches.

Step 2: Make a Plan

Look over your tools and the pegboard. Decide what style is yours. Do you want all of your wrenches and pliers in one area, all the screw drivers in another with perhaps the drill and drill bits somewhere else? You will want to keep like tools with their mates. It is silly to put the drill on one side of the pegboard and the bits on the opposite end. You may even want to make the more accessible sections of the pegboard for tools you use the most often. Perhaps a section that holds one of each type of screwdriver, pliers and hammer?

Step 3: Hang the Tools

Once you decide where you want them, use the various types of hooks to hang your tools in the correct locations. Good now they are organized but slow down you are not done yet. Please go on to the next step.

Step 4: Use the Paint Pens

Use a paint pen to either draw the outline of each tool while it is in place, or remove them one at a time and write the name of the tool in the place it belongs. This method will ensure that tools are put back where they belong and you can see what may be missing at a quick glance.

Step 5: Other Notes

There are many different hangers you can add to your garage pegboard to make your life easier and a little more organized. For instance, they have a box with several drawers in it that can be hung from your pegboard to hold smaller items like drill bits and screws, nuts, bolts, washers etc. There are even hooks that are made especially to hold baby food jars as so many people have used them over the years to hold such small items in a work room, shop or garage.