How to Overlay Stamped Concrete

What You'll Need
Polymer Primer
Long Handle Brush/Floor Roller
Concrete Mix
Concrete Sealer
Concrete Stamps
5-Gallon Buckets
Cleaning Solution

One of the ways to renovate stamped concrete is to overlay it with new concrete and create a new design. Many people believe that when a wall, driveway, or patio floor has stamped concrete they can not change the design without having to replace the entire surface. The good news is that do-it-yourself homeowners can easily change the design of the stamped concrete or simply overlay it for a clean, smooth surface. If you are looking at doing some renovation work, here are the steps to take for a stamped concrete overlay project.

Step 1: Clean Concrete Surface

Before you being the stamped concrete overlay project you must clean off any dirt, grease, debris, or other stains that are there. This is a must do as the overlay will not bond with the underlying concrete very well if there is a layer of dirt and dust on the surface. To clean you can use a simple solution of water and dish liquid. Of course, degreaser, and other specialty cleaners will help for tougher stains.

Step 2: Apply Polymer Primer

Once the stamped concrete is clean you can then begin the process of overlaying it for either a smooth look or for creating a new stamped design. The polymer will act as a filler for the stamped design in the concrete. It is important to make sure that all of the little cracks are filled in. Pour some of the polymer onto the concrete and begin to spread it over the floor with a long handled brush or a floor roller. This will distribute the polymer evenly across the concrete.

Step 3: Mix Concrete

In order to be able to work with the concrete after the stamped concrete overlay you will need to add a new surface. You do this with a combination of ready mix concrete, polymer, water, and desired coloring you would like. Stir this mixture of components with a drill and a paddle wheel attachment. You are looking for a smooth consistency, but not overly thin.

Step 4: Spread Overlay onto Stamped Concrete

Using a smooth trowel, you should start at one corner and begin to spread the mixture onto the stamped concrete. Use wide swipes in your motion and keep the trowel angled at about 65 degrees. You should have approximately 1/4 inch of overlay on the concrete after it is smoothed. Once you have finished with the entire surface, let it dry for about 10 hours.

Step 5: Spread Second Coat

Once the first coat of stamped concrete overlay has dried, you can start on a second coat. The thickness of this coat should be enough so that any new stamp that you want to use does not contact the first layer. Usually this means between 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch.

Step 6: Stamp Concrete

If you are looking to stamp the concrete with your own design, you can begin to do so as the second coat of concrete mix is drying. Once the stamping has been done, and the concrete is dry, apply two coats of sealant with a floor brush.