How to Pack Motorcycle Luggage

What You'll Need
Items for luggage
Lock and key

If you are planning a long trip, then you will need to add some motorcycle luggage to your bike. The size of the luggage will depend very much upon the type of items that you will need for your trip, but however much you need, you will have to pack it correctly in order to get it to fit onto the motorbike without causing an inconvenience. Learning how to properly attach your motorcycle luggage will help you to get the most out of your trip without risking your life, or the motorcycle.

Step 1 - Fitting Items in a Bag

One of the best ways to pack your motorcycle luggage is to fit it into a pair of saddle bags. These fit over the back of the passenger seat, away from the rider, and support their position through straps across the top. You can fit your clothes into these bags, as well as putting sleeping bags or camping equipment along the top of the bag. So long as the two saddle bags are secured, you will be able to carry your luggage on your motorcycle with ease. As there is not a lot of room on the saddle bags, you will have to pack them carefully. Fold clothes, and then roll them tightly to avoid using a lot of room, and use as few shoes as possible. These kinds of bags are best for overnight trips, camping trips, and others which do not require a lot of luggage.

Step 2 - Fitting Items in a Canvas Bag

You should be able to fit a canvas bag onto the back of the motorbike by tying it to the sissy bar. You should be able to get a lot of luggage into the bag, although it might not have enough room to support as much as the saddle bags. Place all of your heavy items in the bottom of the bag, so that it is not top-heavy. You can then place light items, such as jeans and t shirts, on the top of the bag, as this will keep the bag secure.

Step 3 - Fitting Items in a Suitcase

You should be able to get a number of suitcases onto the passenger seat. These can be tied around the edge of the bike, and secured through the sissy bar. Use more than one suitcase if you have a lot of equipment or clothing to move, but don't pile the bike too high, as this can overbalance it.

Step 4 - Securing Items

Once you have packed your motorcycle luggage, you will need to secure it properly to the back of the bike. Keep it secure by using elasticated tethers, which usually have a hook and eye fitting at the ends of the material. These can be joined together once the luggage is placed securely.