How to Pack out a Door Hinge

What You'll Need

When you are fitting a door hinge, you may find that you accidentally remove too much wood from the door frame. When this happens, the door hinge will hot properly hold the door, so you need to fill it out precisely in order to get it to the right width for your door.

Step 1 - Remove the Hinge

Take your door hinge off of the door by unscrewing it, and then prising the hinge out with the tip of the screwdriver. You should be holding the hinge tightly to prevent it flying upwards when you remove it.

Step 2 - Fit Some Cardboard

You should next take some cardboard, and cut it to fit the size of the hinge. Place this between the hinge and the frame of the door, and screw into place. You may need to add several layers of cardboard to the door hinge in order to make it stick out to the right level.

Step 3 - Add Glue

When you have the right amount of cardboard, glue all the pieces together, and then attach to the edge of the door hinge. Leave the glue to dry before screwing the hinge back into the door frame.