How to Paint a Concrete Basement Floor

paint roller
  • 48-72 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 150-200
What You'll Need
Safety glass
Latex gloves
Cement caulking
Vacuum cleaner
Sand paper
Damp cloth
Chlorine bleach
Paint roller
Paint primer
Latex paint
Stain blocker

Painting your concrete basement floor is a good home improvement project that you can do with your kids. Concrete basements are used in various ways other than just storage space.

When painting your concrete basement floor, safety is important. Make sure to open all of the doors and windows in your basement prior to painting for good ventilation.

You also need to wear a mask and other protective gear, as you will be exposed to the fumes of paint primer, chlorine bleach, stain blocker, and latex paint. Follow these steps to paint a concrete basement floor.

Step 1 - Check Your Basement Flooring for Dampness

Check your basement floor for dampness. That is an essential step which you must complete before proceeding to paint your concrete basement floor. Make sure that there are no puddles of water or damp spots in your basement. Repair the cracks on your basement floor with cement caulking. You can also use a dehumidifier to remove any dampness in your basement.

Step 2 - Check Your Basement Floor for Smoothness

Check the smoothness of your concrete basement floor. Use sandpaper to even the patches of rough concrete. Vacuum the residue. Wipe away the remaining dust with a damp cloth.

Step 3 - Clean the Concrete Basement Floor

After making sure that your concrete basement floor is smooth, even, and free of moisture, clean your concrete basement floor. Remove the dirt using a scrub brush and ordinary detergent. Remove the stains on the floor with 6 milliliters of chlorine bleach diluted in 10 cups of lukewarm water.

WARNING: Open windows and make sure your basement has adequate ventilation before you put down the bleach. For extra safety, wear a face or respirator mask while applying it. Bleach also stains clothing, so wear work clothes and gloves as well.

Step 4 - Apply Paint Primer

Make sure that your concrete basement floor is completely dry and clean before applying the paint primer. With a paint roller, apply two thin coats of primer. Allow the first coat of paint primer to dry before applying the second coat. If you want to hasten the drying period of the paint primer, use a humidifier.

Step 5 - Apply Stain Blocker

Once the paint primer is completely dry, apply a thin layer of stain blocker to your concrete basement floor using a fresh paint roller. The stain blocker will support the primer and make sure that the latex paint which you will apply during the next step adheres to the paint primer well.

Step 6 - Apply the Latex Paint

With a fresh paint roller, apply a single, even and thin coat of latex paint to your concrete basement floor. Allow the latex paint to dry completely. Apply another coat of latex paint.

You can add as many latex paint coats as you want. Just make sure to allow the previous coat to completely dry before adding another.