How to Paint a Concrete Garage Floor

What You'll Need
Epoxy paint
Anti-skid additive
Paint roller
Paint brush
Paint tray
Mixing rod
Etching solution

It is easy to paint a concrete garage floor, but this project can involve some hard work. Painting your concrete garage floor can be cost effective and it can completely change the look of your garage. Follow the simple steps below to effectively paint a concrete garage floor.

Step 1 - Clean the Floor

Start out by cleaning the floor of your garage to rid the space of all dirt and grease If there is anything left on the floor, the epoxy will not stick to it well. Start out by taking a broom and sweeping out of the garage floor. This will remove all of the excess dust. You can also hose out the garage to make sure that you get everything. If you have grease spots on the floor, use a degreaser to remove them. 

Step 2 - Etch the Floor

To make the epoxy stick to the floor, you need to rough up the concrete a bit. This can be done by using an etching solution. To begin, you need to get the garage floor wet. Then you can pour the etching solution on the floor. Use a broom to go over the etching solution. Once you have etched the entire garage, you can wash out the solution with the hose and allow it to dry.

Step 3 - Mixing the Paint

You will need to mix the epoxy paint before you can proceed. Typically, it will come in a two part system. You will usually have to mix "Part A" with "Part B." Read the directions on the side of the epoxy and then mix it appropriately. Take a stirring rod and mix the two parts together thoroughly. At this point, you could also potentially add an anti-skid additive. This is an extra additive that you can put into the paint to create a non-slip surface. 

Step 4 - Apply the First Coat

Once you mix the paint up, you need to apply it to the floor quickly. You have a limited amount of time to work with and you need to start working fast. Use your paintbrush to go around the outside of the room. Then use your paint roller to roll the paint onto the floor in the middle of the floor. Work from one corner of the garage out towards the other side. After you get the first coat done, you need to allow the paint to dry. This process can take anywhere from 12 to 24 hours depending on the type of paint.

Step 5 - Finish Up

After you apply the first coat, you will need to apply a second coat. Make sure that the floor is dry, and then apply the second coat the same way you did with the first. Allow the second coat to dry for a full 24 hours before walking on it.