How to Paint a Golf Cart

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What You'll Need
Scrubbing brushes
Hot water or cleaning agent
P400 and P1000 grit abrasive paper
Newspaper or a large cloth
Masking tape
Aerosol paint
Aerosol primer
Clear coat protector

A golf cart needs to be maintained in the same way as any other small vehicle. This includes giving it a new coat of paint every now and then. Painting a golf cart is not time-consuming and is very simple to complete. A thorough paint job can make an old golf cart look brand new and can increase the resale value.

Step 1 - Clean the Cart

You will need to wash the golf cart so it is spotlessly clean. Use sponges and scrubbing brushes to remove all stubborn areas of dirt. Use hot water because this will soften up and debris and make it easy to remove. Tackle all areas until you are happy that the cart is as clean as it can be. Use some cleaning agent if necessary.

Step 2 - Sand the Cart

Use pieces of P400 grit abrasive paper to sand over the entire golf cart frame and panel work. Sand back all areas of paint that may be flaking and the rest of the surrounding areas. Sanding creates a smooth surface for paint to stick to and prevents it from peeling off later.

Step 3 - Cover the Cart

You will need to protect the areas that will not be painted. Simply lay down some newspaper over the areas or use a large cloth to cover them. This will stop paint from spoiling the interior of the cart or any areas that you wish to keep clean. Use masking tape to cover lights, trims, and other small accessories on the golf cart. Make sure the cart is free from dust before priming.

Step 4 - Apply Primer

Take a suitable aerosol primer and apply a good layer of primer to the cart. Try to apply evenly. Allow the primer to dry and add another coat if needed. Some golf carts do not require primer before painting because the materials used to color them can be painted over. It is best to use primer regardless if you are not sure what materials have already been used. Once dry, primer should be sanded down with P1000 grit paper. The cart should be cleared of dust before moving on to painting.

Step 5 - Apply Paint

Apply paint to the golf cart using an aerosol in the appropriate color, working from top to bottom. Use light and even strokes and ensure that each application crosses over the previous one to avoid striping. Allow the paint to dry and add up to two more layers, depending on the coverage qualities of the paint.

Step 6 - Apply Clear Coat Protector

If you are using a metallic solvent-based color, apply two clear coats over the entire golf cart. This will provide an extra protective barrier and will bring the color to an effective shine. The cart can now be put back into regular service.