How to Paint a Metal Mailbox

What You'll Need
Wire brush
Primer spray paint
Metal spray paint
Red metal paint
Painter's tape
Foam brush
Drop cloth

Your mailbox sees a lot of wear over the years as it is constantly attacked by the elements but you can give it a fresh look when you learn how to paint metal mailboxes. All you need are a few common supplies and a little bit of metal paint. The following article will show you how to correctly paint your metal mailbox in no time at all.

Prepare the Mailbox for Painting

When you paint metal you need to do so in a well-ventilated area and with a drop cloth in place. Always use a drop cloth regardless if you are painting inside or outside in your yard. The paint can easily destroy a floor or kill a lawn. In order to paint the mailbox, you need to remove it from the mailbox post. Use the screwdriver to do this by turning the screws to the left to loosen them. Put the screws in a safe place. Take the mailbox to the area where you will be working. Saturate a rag in hot water and wring out the excess. Wipe the mailbox down to remove any dirt, excess moisture or oil that has formed on the metal. Use a clean rag to dry the mailbox. Check the mailbox for any signs of rust, and use a wire brush to remove any you find from the metal. Wipe away the metal shavings with a rag and clean the mailbox again as you did previously. Apply painter's tape to the flag to protect it.

Priming the Metal Mailbox

Whenever you paint metal you need to have a surface that allows the paint to adhere to the metal itself. The primer is important because it creates a textured surface that the paint needs to bond to. If the current paint job on the mailbox is very dark, you may need to use sandpaper to rough up the top coat. Remove the paint flakes with a dry, clean rag. Apply the primer by spraying it on in even coats. Make sure that you get the mailbox door as well as the back and the bottom lip of the mailbox. Allow the primer to dry for at least a day.

Finishing the Mailbox

Apply the metal paint to the mailbox in slow and even sections. Be sure to cover every inch of the metal mailbox including the door, hanging lip and the back. When this layer is dry remove the tape from the flag. Dip a foam brush into your red metallic paint and press it against the side of the can to remove the excess paint. Carefully paint the flag. When the mailbox is dry you can place it back on the post.