How to Paint a Porch Floor

There are some special tools and materials that are important to apply if you want to paint a porch floor. Since the porch will have more foot traffic on it than just about any other part of the house, and it is exposed to the elements, it is very important that it is properly protected so that it will last as much of the wear and tear as possible. Surface preparation is very important, considerably more so than the later stages of the job. This article assumes that your porch floor is made out of wood.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Enamel decking paint
  • Primer paint
  • Rags
  • Paintbrushes
  • High pressure garden hose
  • Basic cleaning tools.
  • Turpentine

Step 1 – Prepare Surface

Preparing the surface properly will ensure that you have a much-better end result and something that is built to last. First, thoroughly clean the surface using warm, soapy water. Get rid of any grease and dirt out of the wood. Finally, rinse it with a high pressure garden hose. Allow it to dry thoroughly before continuing and make sure that nobody walks on it.

Step 2 – Apply Primer

The primer will help to protect your floor and prepare the wood for painting. You should use a special oil-based primer sealer specifically designed for decking. Apply a thorough cover of this, making sure that you get rid of any streaks or drips in the process. Make sure that you allow the primer adequate time to dry. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on the product packaging for further information on drying times. Do not start painting until you’ve left it an adequate amount of time to dry.

Step 3 – Apply Paint

Obtain an appropriate deck enamel paint specifically designed for this type of exterior surface. Painting the porch is also an easy step, especially if you do it systematically. It is best to start painting next to the entrance to the house. Work your way towards the front of the porch, making sure that you give the surface a thorough coat, completely covering the original coat of primer. Also, paint the sides first, working your way towards the middle. Eventually, you should end up in the middle of the front of the porch floor. You may need a couple of brushes for this, including a smaller one to work around the edges with.

Step 4 – Apply Top Coat

In some cases, for additional protection, you may need two top coats. However, normally, one is enough. When you have finished with the first coat, thoroughly clean your brushes using turpentine and rags. Leave the brush or soaking in turpentine until you are ready to use them again. The following day, apply a second coat and leave this to dry. As before, refer to the manufacturers’ guidelines regarding drying times. Do not use the porch until the surface is completely dry.