How to Paint a Swirl Plaster Ceiling

Lead Image
  • 24 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 150-300
What You'll Need
Safety glasses
Face mask
Standard paint rolling system
Painter's tape
Butcher's paper
Painter's tarp

Painting a plaster ceiling with a swirl plaster finish or texture is a full day process unless you have a power sprayer. This article will list some methods of applying paint to a textured plaster ceiling and some things to be sure to do to make cleanup as easy and effortless as possible.

Plan for Cleanup Ahead of Time

There are a few things you can before you start painting to make sure cleanup is quick and easy. First, remove all furniture from the room. Then apply and tape down a layer of painter’s paper or butcher’s paper. Lay a painter’s tarp over the paper. Finally, tape and paper off the top 8-12 inches of the walls.

Remove the Current Texture

Some may want a smoother surface to apply paint to. If you scrape the larger pieces of texture off the ceiling, you should be able to maintain the basic pattern. Use a standard paint rolling system to obtain full coverage.

Apply Over Texture

If you don’t want to smooth out the better part of the current texturing, the ideal application tool is going to be an airless sprayer, similar to a Wagner Powerpainter. Your next option is to roll the paint on, but you’ll have to keep the paint thick on the roller to make sure all of the texture receives paint, even in the valleys and crannies.