How to Paint a Tin Ceiling

Lead Image
  • 2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 100
What You'll Need
2- to 3-inch-wide paintbrush
Drop cloth
Latex paint for 2 coats
Rolling pan
Paint roller
Lambswool roller head
Artist brushes for detailing
Acrylic varnish

Painting a tin ceiling is a fairly easy project because many tin ceilings already have a coating of primer. Many pre-fabricated tin ceilings have designs stamped into them, some of them rather ornate. It is recommended to use lighter or neutral colors to paint this type of ceiling; many tin ceiling designs cast shadows that become too deep if a darker color is used.

Step 1—Clean and Prime Ceiling

Wipe down the ceiling panels with a damp rag to remove any surface dirt. If you find any small rust spots, carefully sand them away.

Step 2—Roll on Paint

Use a lambswool roller to apply a good-quality latex paint; lambswool will spread paint into all crevices of the ceiling pattern. Apply 2 even coats and allow even drying time between the first and second ones.

Step 3—Add Detailing and Varnish

If you are painting a tin ceiling with decorative patterns and want to bring these out, apply paint to them in a complementary color with a smaller detailing brush. Once all the paint is dry, brush on a protective coat of varnish to prevent the paint from chipping.