How to Paint a Victorian Style Home

What You'll Need
High Power Washer
Face Mask
Disc Sander
Drop Cloth or Tarp
Plastic Wood Filler
Light Natural Primer
Dark Finishing Primer
Paint for House Exterior
Paint Tray
Paint Tape

Victorian style homes are beautiful and charming; when deciding on what color to paint your Victorian home it gives you a chance to truly show your individuality. There are so many color combinations; you can be bold and choose a yellow or red; you can also go more traditional and choose pink or mauve. No matter what your color idea is, painting a Victorian home takes time and patience. The following article will guide you through the process of preparing and painting your Victorian home, hopefully making it as painless as possible.

Step 1 -Repair

The first thing to do is inspect the house for any repairs that may be needed prior to painting; including small cracks or splintered clapboards and damage to gutters. Make any necessary repairs.

Step 2 - Wash

Before you can paint, you will need to remove any dirt from the walls of the house. Fill a power washer with water and bleach; spray the house down. It is possible that some of the old paint may come off in the process; that is good.

Step 3 - Sanding

Before you begin sanding, make certain that the house is dry. Lying down a drop cloth is a good idea. Now, you can scrape off the old paint. Now put on your mask and use the disc sander to make the walls nice and smooth.

Step 4 - Repair

Now that the walls are completely free of paint and dirt, inspect the house again. If you spot any cracks, use plastic wood to fill them. Check window and door frames, fill any spaces with chalk. Check the wall surfaces to make certain that they are consistently smooth, so that the paint will go on and dry smoothly.

Step 5 - Tape

Use the paint tape to cover any outlets and fixtures or trim; anything that is not to be painted right now.

Step 6 - Primer

Now is time to apply the light primer; make sure that you have the right type of primer. In other words make sure that it is wood primer.

After that primer has dried, you want to apply the dark finishing primer; this will need 24 to 48 hours to dry.

Step 7- Paint

Now that the primer has dried, it is time to apply paint. You can use both rollers and brushes. Apply two coats; allowing drying time between coats.

Step 8 - Trim

Once the paint has dried on the rest of the house; remove the paint tape from the outlets, fixtures and trim. Inspect the trim for any needed repairs and fill as needed. Once the filler has dried, apply the first primer. Once the primer has dried, apply the finishing primer; again allow 24 to 48 hours to dry. Now you can paint the trim in the color you have chosen.