How to Paint a Window Seat

girl sipping a drink and looking out the window
What You'll Need
Sandpaper or glass-paper
Brush cleaner
Masking tape
Paint (or stain)

A window seat is an attractive and functional piece of fitted furniture in a room. It gives you more seating space without actually wasting any floor space. These seats can also be surprisingly comfortable and made into your very own private haven. They do, however, need maintenance over time, which is why you will need to learn how to paint a window seat.

If you're one of the people who hate the idea of painting, you needn't worry. With the right tools and enough preparation you can easily and safely paint your window seat.

Step 1 - Prepare the Window Seat

Before you can paint the window seat you need to prepare it. Start by taking the cushions off so that you can see the entire surface of the seat. Use sandpaper to rough up the existing surface so that the paint can stick to the surface of the seat. If you are staining the seat or using a light colored paint then it's important that you remove all of the existing paintwork.

You will find this much easier if you use an electric sander. You will also need to carefully get in between all the nooks and crannies of the molding and seat.

Step 2 - Prepare the Room

paint tray with roller and brush

Paint is very messy and if you're not careful, it will get everywhere. Protect the floor by using lots of newspaper or alternatively a dust sheet. You might want to tape it into position using masking tape.

The walls can also be protected by using masking tape or painter's tape where the seat meets the wall. This will ensure that no paint accidentally gets onto the wall.

Step 3 - Paint or Stain the Seat

You now need to choose your paint or stain to put on your seat. You’ll have to decide whether you want the same color as the room paint or something that adds contrast. Apply using brushes and rollers, and ensure that you get into every little bit of the seat. By painting the seat you can make it much more durable and this will also be much easier to clean and maintain.

Step 4 - Clean Up

paintbrush in water

Once you've finished painting you need to clean the room up. Carefully remove the tape and newspaper so that you don't risk getting any paint on the floor. You should also clean the brushes so they don't get chance to dry out. Cleaning up now can save lots of time over waiting until later.

Step 5 - Finishing Touches

You now need to wait for the paint to fully dry. After this you can re-dress the window seat by putting the cushion back on the seat. If the cushion also needs repairing, this would be the time to take care of it. You might even decide to make a new cushion.

After all of these steps you should have a window seat which looks as good as new. Of course, repainting a window seat is only really suitable if the seat is still in fairly good condition and is still strong.