How to Paint a Wood Camper Shell

What You'll Need

If you own an old camper shell, then you may decide that you want to brighten it up with a new coat of paint. Painting a wood camper shell is not a difficult task, and you should be able to manage it yourself following some simple instructions.

Step 1 - Prepare the Camper Shell

Prepare the camper shell by removing most any dirt and debris that is on the shell. If you have had the shell for a while, and it has been sitting in the garage or in the yard, then you may want to improve it by using some grease remover. If there is already paint on the camper shell, strip this off. You should then sand down the wood until it is smooth.

Step 2 - Paint the Camper Shell

Take your paint and paintbrush, and cover the surface of the camper shell in paint. You should make sure that you go right to the edge with your paint, and push the paint deep into the shell of the camper. Leave to dry overnight, and then add a second coat, in order to ensure that the shell is properly covered. When this is dry, use another paintbrush to cover the camper shell with a waterproof sealant.