How to Paint Beadboard Cabinet Doors

What You'll Need
3/8th Inch Paint Roller
Sash Brush
120 Grit Sandpaper
220 Grit Sandpaper (Optional)
Vacuum Cleaner
Clean Tack Cloth

Beadboard cabinet doors are made using a type of wood that is well textured. Beadboard can be easily glued on the drywall. The article discusses how one can; effectively and properly paint a beadboard cabinet door.

Step One: Sanding the Cabinet Surface

Sand the cabinet surface lightly to roughen the surface slightly. Ensure the sandpaper reaches in all areas of the beadboard. Bend the sandpaper if needed to reach all areas of the surface. it is advisable but not compulsory to complete a second round of sanding with a 220-grit sandpaper.

Step Two: Remove Sand Dust

Remove the sand dust with the help of a old tack cloth. It is a good idea to vacuum the beadboard is feasible and convenient.

Step Three: Apply Primer

Prime the beadboard surface using a sash paintbrush. The primer can be prepared using water based paint mixed with water. Allow the primer to completely dry before going onto the next step. It may take almost 24-hours to dry.

Step Four: Painting the Surface

Use a paintbrush to paint the beadboard surface. Apply a second coat of paint and allow it dry for at least 48-hours.