How to Paint Beadboard Paneling Easily

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Changing the décor of your home can be simple with beadboard paneling. Installing the panel itself can be relatively easy, but you may need to change the color in order to create a cohesive design.


Prepare the beadboard paneling for the paint by sanding the surface. You may need to lay the panels down flat on the floor so that you can access the panels easily. Then, vacuum the dust to clean the panel.

Apply Primer

Apply primer to the beadboard paneling and use a large paintbrush with angled bristles. Work slowly and methodically in straight lines to avoid paint overlap and pooling. Allow the primer to dry completely before you move forward.

Apply Paint

Apply the paint to the beadboard paneling in the same manner as the primer. Take your time when applying the paint to ensure that the valleys and peaks of the uneven surface are properly coated. Apply a second coat of paint, but be sure the first coat has dried completely. You may not always a second coat, so you will have to examine the color of the panels once they are dry.