How to Paint Board and Batten Siding

Lead Image
  • 8-24 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 120-300
What You'll Need
Wire brush
Liquid soap
Scrub brush
Garden hose
Paint sprayer
Exterior house paint

Painting board and batten siding can be a great task. Here is how to do this procedure:

Step One - Make Sure Wood Is Correct

Make sure that the wood is not cedar, cypress or redwood since they do not take well to paint. Make sure that the wood to be painted is cured and dry. This is especially important for new siding.

Step Two - Get Rid of Debris on Wood

The wire brush will get rid of debris and algae on the wood. Make sure that soap and water are also used to clean the wood. Rinse the wood with a garden hose after cleaning it.

Step Three - Make Sure That Boards and Battens Are Tight

Use the nails to nail any loose boards. Be sure to drive the nails through the middle of the batten.

Step Four - Apply The Primer

Use the paintbrush or paint sprayer to apply the primer coat.

Step Five - Caulking The Battens

Next the edges of the battens will be caulked with exterior grade silicone caulk.

Step Six - The Final Touch

Use the paint sprayer to apply the topcoat of paint. After the paint dries an extra coat can be added to finish the job.