How to Paint Ceiling Trim

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What You'll Need
Safety glasses
Trim paint
Tack cloth
220-grit sand paper
Drop cloths
Painters tape
Sash brushes

Painting the ceiling trim can accentuate the walls and ceilings, and it's not that hard to do. Home-improvement stores offer a wide variety of paints and colors to suit your preferences. Here's how to apply the paint once you pick one.

Step 1—Prepare the Area

Cover the area under the ceiling trim with drop cloths to protect it from dripping paint. Move your furniture to another room. Also, make sure the workspace is properly ventilated.

Step 2—Lay Tape

Use 2-inch painter's tape to protect the part of the wall just below the trim. Make sure the tape is adjacent to the trim but not covering it.

Step 3—Sand the Trim

After the painter's tape is down, sand the trim with 220-grit sandpaper. Sanding creates a smooth surface for the new paint. Wear your safety glasses and mask to keep dust out of your eyes and lungs.

Step 4—Clean Up

Use a tack cloth to cleaned off any remaining dust and dirt. There's no sense in ruining new paint by applying it to a dirty surface.

Step 5—Apply the First Coat

The first coat of paint can now be applied to the ceiling trim. Use a small brush to give yourself the necessary control to paint such a tight space.

Step 6—Apply Additional Coats

Let the paint dry completely before applying the second coat. It should take 2–3 hours. Continue this process until you're satisfied with the look of the new paint, but remember to let it dry completely before each new coat.

Step 7—Let It Cure

Once you've applied the final coat of paint to the trim, allow it to cure for a day. After that, just peel off the painter’s tape and put the furniture back in place.